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The Geometry of Chess

we battled in two-rows, like the Redcoats of Britain, moving silently down through the centuries. Our matches lasted hours struggling to reach the endgame only to be drawn to a stalemate. 


The ancient days of warfare have evolved.  Faster, Stronger, a new strategy was found. Devised to give ultimate protection to the king. The Bishops would be able to protect one another and the Pawns, often disregarded, would have more power than ever before.

The Revolution has Begun.... s.

Revolution Chess King

King Vladimir

Born into power, King Vlad was intent on two things, war, and power. He was trained in the art of strategic warfare. Once a master swordsman he prefers to watch his soldiers vanquish his enemies.  He believes all terriority is rightfully kingdom.

Scarlet Queen

Born into power, King Leon cares nothing about the common man. Given everything in life, he was trained in the art of military warfare. Once a master swordsman he prefers to see his soldiers fight and die for him. He takes great pride in conquering neighboring territory

Queen Reverse.png

RChess Pawn


RChess Pawn

Bishop 3.jpg

RChess Pawn

Knight 3.jpg

RChess Pawn

Rook 3.jpg

RChess Pawn

King 2.jpg
Gold King.png

RChess Pawn

Queen 20.jpg
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