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Jesse Shaw, Founder & CEO of Revolution Chess – Interview Series By Antoine Tardif

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Jesse Shaw is the Founder & CEO of Revolution Chess a visionary take on a traditional game made for the next generation of modern Chess thinkers and strategists.

Could you discuss your passion for chess and why it resonates with you?

It all starts back to when I was six, my parents signed me up for an after school chess class. I surprised myself and the teacher by beating him. He graciously awarded me a dollar bill, which felt like a million dollars back then. In high school, we had a school-wide tournament and I ended up winning. Similarly, in college, I won a larger tournament. The thing is, growing up I was shy and had an auditory processing learning disability, so I never felt like I was smart. Reading and writing was tough and public speaking was terrifying, but I was good at Chess and could beat the average joe. The game helped me develop an inner confidence that might not have been established otherwise. More

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